How We Bill

Billing Policy at Nano Net Technologies Inc. Effective day 2nd Dec 2020

Billing cycle

You are billed monthly for each app based on:

  1. the Nanonets products in your subscription,

  2. the plan you select (i.e., Pro or Enterprise etc), and

  3. the number of Models you are using.

  4. the number of API calls you make to these models

These are the “Pricing Metrics” that are used to calculate your bill. We bill you each month in advance based on what your Pricing Metrics were on the last day of the prior month.

Overages and credits

We know that your usage, however, may change. If you increase or decrease the number of API calls or Models, which Nanonets products or plans you use, we may charge you overages or issue you credits. These charges or credits will be based on how and when your Pricing Metrics changed over the course of the last month.

Estimating your upcoming invoice

You can see your current monthly fee for each app when you first sign up and any time after that in your Billing Settings (available through your dashboard). To estimate any overage charges or credits based on changes in your Pricing Metrics.

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